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Easy Translation in Chrome


Nice add-on for easy translation in Chrome.

Translate selection

Outlook Addins: a Primer


In addition to providing a repository of all things Outlook, Roady @ takes the time to answer reader emails clearly. Take a few minutes to peruse the site, you’ll likely find a great deal of useful information.

Which Outlook add-ins do I really need?

Browse the Internet Without Touching the Mouse


An interesting Chrome add-on that lets you browse the internet easily even when your mouse is not functioning.


TranslateThis For Firefox Can Translate Stuff Quickly


A neat translation add-on for Firefox.


Searching for good Internet Explorer 9 add-ons?

Look no further. Check out this round-up of add-ons:

Top 9 Must Have Add-ons for Internet Explorer 9

Why Internet Explorer 9 has four Types of Add-ons?

Want to understand why Internet Explorer 9 has four types of add-ons? What’s the difference between them, what do they do? Check out this very complete tutorial, explaining everything about them.

Demystifying Internet Explorer 9 Add-Ons

Check these Awesome Chrome Add-ons

chrome addon

Here are 10 awesome Chrome add-ons which would help you become more productive while working online.

10 Excellent Chrome Add-ons For Productive Web Browsing

Playing Games In Chrome Made Easier


Here’s a nifty extension for Google Chrome that online game addicts would love. It gives you one-click access to a ton of nice games.

Quickly Play Games In Chrome With Game Button

Stop In The Name Of Love (Firefox addon)


It’s been around for ages but the classics never get old. From the same author that brought you


Stop! In the name of love

Flagfox Shows the Country Flag of a Website’s Server, WHOIS and much more (Firefox)


Firefox extension Flagfox will show a map of the current page’s web server, it’s WHOIS information, Alexa rank, translation, reputation and a great deal more (Sverige above).

Flagfox v4.0.2 Firefox extension

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