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Paint.NET 3.5 is Completely Redesigned for Windows 7!


That’s right, everybody’s favorite freeware image editing application has been completely redesigned with support for Aero transparency on Windows 7 and Vista, and the slick new UI is just awesome. Plus, there’s a lot of other changes!


VistaSwitcher is an Awesome Alt-Tab Replacement


Sick and tired of the weak Alt-Tab built into Windows? Check out VistaSwitcher for a much more interesting replacement, complete with previews and awesomeness. Seriously. Awesome.


How To Get Aero Glass on Windows XP


That’s right, you can actually get an application that gives you Aero Glass on your Windows XP machine. Basically, after installing it will modify your title bars to make them look like they are running Aero, complete with the transparent effects. Neat!

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