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Cool Android Apps by Microsoft

Android apps by Microsoft

Yes, you read it right. Microsoft has some good Android apps up its sleeve that are worth giving a shot.

7 Must Try Android Apps by Microsoft for Every Type of User

Use these Android Apps For Sending SMS for Free

Android apps free texting

Check out these Androids apps that help you send text messages for free.

3 Great Android Apps That Let You Text For Free

Completely Copy One Android to Another

Here’s probably the best way to clone one Android to another.

Article: How to Use CLONEit to Completely Copy One Android to Another

Video: Copy One Android to Another

Great Tips for Samsung Phones on Android Lollipop

samsung android lollipop


If you own a Samsung Android and running Lollipop on it, then these tips should help.

15 Valuable Tips and Tricks for Samsung Phones Running Lollipop


Did You Know Your Android Could Do This?


Yes, your Android can do a lot more than you can think.

10 Things You Perhaps Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

Erasing Your Old Android’s Data Securely Before You Sell it

How to Securely Wipe Your Android Phone Before Selling It

Here’s how to make sure your old Android does not have any of your data before you hand it over to someone else.

How to Securely Wipe Your Android Phone Before Selling It

Best Apps to Install on a New Android Device

best apps new android

Here are the best free apps you should install on your new Android phone.

Top 10 Free Apps to Install on Your New Android Phone

Fixing that Dreaded Error in YouTube For Android

Screenshot 2014-06-05 13.05.09


I am sure all of us have got this “connection to server lost” error in YouTube for Android at some point. If you are getting it too often, try the fix in this article.

How to Fix Connection to Server Lost in YouTube for Android

Nexus 5 and Google


An interesting take by The Verge on how the Nexus 5 is more of a Google phone than an Android one.

The Nexus 5 isn’t pure Android, it’s pure Google

Android Phone Not Working? Try These Steps


Having trouble with your Android? Is it almost bricked? Try these steps now.

How to Fix an Android Phone or Tablet That Appears to be Bricked

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