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Should You Buy the Moto X?


Take a look at these important things about Moto X before making a decision on buying it.

Top 10 Things About Moto X, Google’s New Flagship Android Phone

Best Android Cleaner Apps


The best 3 cleaner apps for Android.

Top 3 Cleaner Apps For Android Phones and Tablets

The Best Android Video Players


Here are the top 3 video player apps for Android.

Top 3 Free Android Video Player Apps

Best Android Sports Games


One awesome Android game each for Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Cricket and Tennis.

Top 5 Android Sports Games

A Powerful Android Anti-theft App


Probably the most powerful and feature-rich Android anti-theft app.

SS-TheftSpy is the Best Anti-Theft App for Android Ever

Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone or iOS to Android


An easy guide to transferring contacts from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android.

How to Transfer All Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa

AnandTech’s Brilliant HTC One Review


HTC One is arguably the best Android phone ever. And AnandTech’s extraordinarily descriptive review does full justice to it.

The HTC One Review

Removing Duplicate Contacts on Android


Got too many duplicate contacts on your Android phone? Here’s a solution.

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

Customized Android Locking


An interesting app that lets you customize how and when Android is locked.


Saving Battery on Android and iOS


Here are not 1 but 9 ways to save battery on both iPhone and Android phones.

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an iPhone

9 Useful Ways to Preserve Battery in an Android

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