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McAfee’s Avert Stinger Scans Your PC for Infections


The new Avert Stinger is one of the best standalone anti-virus scanners, searching for over 6,000 viruses and variants. It’s free, it works, and should be in your arsenal of virus fighting tools.

~10MB download.

Avert Stinger by McAfee

A Review of GFI Vipre Internet Security 2012

Lately VIPRE has done some pretty aggressive marketing for their security products. But are they good enough at securing your computer? Are they worth the investment? Find out from this thorough review:

Security for Everyone – GFI VIPRE Internet Security 2012

A thorough review of Avira Internet Security 2012

Is it worth purchasing Avira Internet Security 2012? Learn from this thorough review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Avira Internet Security 2012

A review of the new avast! v7

Avast! has launched version 7 of their products. But… are they any better than their previous products? Find out from this review:

Security for Everyone – Reviewing avast! Internet Security 7

A review of Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials 2012

Webroot is very focused on providing security through only its cloud protection technology. But does this bet pay off? Find out from this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials 2012

Want to know more about Outpost security products?

Agnitum is a small security vendor from Russia, which offers security products that don’t necessarily follow the usual trends. If you are interested in knowing more, read this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5

Have you considered using AVG Internet Security?

AVG is famous for its free antivirus. However, it offers also commercial security solutions, such as AVG Internet Security 2012. Read this review to learn more about its effectiveness in securing your system.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing AVG Internet Security 2012


Norton security for 2012 – Is it good?


If you are curious to learn how effective are the latest security products from Symantec, you need to look no further than this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Norton Internet Security 2012


Panda Internet Security in 2012 – Is it still good?

Panda security products might not be as popular as the ones from Symantec, but they always show up among the top security suites. Let’s see if their 2012 version of products is worth considering as alternatives to their more famous competitors.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Panda Internet Security 2012

ZoneAlarm security products in 2012 – are they good?

ZoneAlarm did not publish major updates to their security products since 2010. This review tries to evaluate if, in two years, they made good progress or not. To find out more about the quality of their 2012 products, check out this review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 2012

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