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Sharing Bookmark Folders In Browser

share bookmarks folder using xmarks 3 

Learn how to share bookmark folders in your browser.

How to Easily Share Bookmarks Folders In Your Browser Using Xmarks

Xmarks Update


Saved, possibly.

Xmarks blog

Xmarks is Dead, Long Live Sync


Popular multi-browser bookmark sync tool Xmarks is closing shop soon, here are their alternative recommendations. We’d buy them breakfast if we could, they’ve saved our bacon on more than one occasion. Foxmarks/Xmarks will be remembered as a success story, not a failure. The ultimate compliment is to have your extension incorporated into the browser, and Xmarks joins the ranks of session restore, spell check and many others. Below is the link to the announcement,

Xmarks Blog

Easily Create More Bookmark Toolbars in Firefox

extra bookmarks toolbar

Here’s how you can easily add extra bookmarks toolbars to Firefox.

How to Add Extra Bookmarks Toolbars in Firefox

Get Your Delicious Bookmarks In Firefox’s Awesome Bar


Check this article to see how you can make your delicious bookmarks appear in the Firefox awesome bar search results.

How To Make Your Delicious Bookmarks Appear In Firefox Awesome Bar Auto-Search

Integrate Twitter and Delicious and Make Life Easier

twitter delicious

Are you always posting links to interesting stuff on your Twitter account? If so, you might be interested in a site called It basically follows your Twitter feed and automatically saves any link posted to your Delicious account. Could be useful for some people out there.

Clean Up Old and Duplicate Bookmarks (Firefox)


While we’ve always been a fan of AM Deadlink to check out bookmarks for dupes and errors, CheckPlaces for Firefox is fast becoming one of our favorite utility extensions. CheckPlaces will also look for new favicons.

CheckPlaces Homepage

CheckPlaces download from Firefox Add-ons

Save Firefox Bookmark Searches to Make Dynamic Folders


Ever wanted a customized folder on your Firefox Bookmarks bar that just shows whatever bookmarks that match your search terms?

Open up the bookmark organizer (Ctrl+Shift+B), do a search through your bookmarks, click Save, give it a name, and then drag the new search bar (at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu) over to the Bookmarks bar (or wherever else you want it).

AM-Deadlink finds dead and duplicate bookmarks




This tiny app will find and remove dead links and duplicate bookmarks. Lost a favicon? AM-Deadlink will find that too. Works with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

AM-Deadlink v3.3

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