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Virus Total’s Browser Extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer


Install Virus Total’s small addon to swiftly upload a file to be scanned for malware or even right click a link. Practicing safe browsing just got a little bit easier.

Download VirusTotal’s browser extensions

Become a Super Productive Chrome User


Guiding Tech has released a comprehensive ebook on Chrome titled The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide. It’s available as a DRM-free PDF download and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Tinyhacker readers can use the coupon code TINYHACKER during checkout to get a 10% off for a limited time. Click on the link below to get it.

The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide

Does the Chromebook actually sell? How many people are buying it?


How well is the Chromebook doing in the market?

First real-world usage figures suggest Chromebooks are struggling


Easy Translation in Chrome


Nice add-on for easy translation in Chrome.

Translate selection

Browse the Internet Without Touching the Mouse


An interesting Chrome add-on that lets you browse the internet easily even when your mouse is not functioning.


Comparison: Internet Explorer 10 vs Internet Explorer 9, Chrome and Firefox

See the other tests and graphs here:  Browser Wars: Is Internet Explorer 10 a Relevant Browser?

Beat the Boot is a Cool Chrome Game


Check out this really cool game developed by Google (works as a Chrome app).

Beat the Boot

Your Kids Would Love These Chrome Apps


A list of cool Chrome apps for kids.

5 Best Interactive Chrome Apps For Kids

Add Mouse Gestures to Chrome With Smooth Gestures

smooth gestures

Chrome extension to add mouse gestures in Chrome.

Smooth Gestures

Angry Birds On Chrome

angry birds chrome 3

Time to play this super-duper famous game on the browser!

Angry Birds on Chrome

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