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Get Chrome’s Pin Tab in Firefox

Chrome's pin tab in Firefox

Heart the pin tab feature in Chrome? Want it in Firefox too? This guide explains how to get that.

The Easy Way to Get Chrome’s Pin Tab Feature in Firefox

Chrome Fastball

chrome fastball

Chrome Fastball is a flash based YouTube video game created by Google to promote the Flash integration feature in Chrome.

Chrome FastBall [via Mashable]

TinEye Reverse Image Search browser extension (Firefox/Chrome)


Ah, one we’ve been waiting for. Right click on any picture on the web and TinEye will scan over one billion images for a match. The results will even include a URL good for 24 hours so you can share. Brilliant idea !

TinEye Firefox addon

TinEye Chrome extension

TinEye homepage

Capture Entire Webpages With This Chrome Extension

webpage screenshot

A cool extension for chrome that can help you capture the screenshot of an entire webpage in one click.

Webpage screenshot chrome extension

Check these Awesome Chrome Add-ons

chrome addon

Here are 10 awesome Chrome add-ons which would help you become more productive while working online.

10 Excellent Chrome Add-ons For Productive Web Browsing

Open Multiple Links At One Go

multiple links

This guide tells you how you can open multiple links at once in Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to Open Multiple Links at Once in Firefox and Chrome

Playing Games In Chrome Made Easier


Here’s a nifty extension for Google Chrome that online game addicts would love. It gives you one-click access to a ton of nice games.

Quickly Play Games In Chrome With Game Button

Play Music in Chrome by Simply Dragging a File


We got a tip from reader/blogger Ashutosh suggesting we try to drag a .mp3 file to Chrome. Sure enough, it opened a rudamentary player in a new tab. Fair dinkum !

Ashutosh’s Blog

Check PageRank and Alexa Ranking of a Page Easily in Chrome


Just install the SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar extension in your beta version of Google Chrome, and you’ll have a new icon that shows off the ranking of the page you’re viewing. Mostly useful for webmasters, but if you’re an info-junkie, you might want it too.

SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar

Speed Dial for Chrome Makes Your Start Page Better


Ever wanted to customize the default Speed Dial page built into Google Chrome? Now you can with the Speed Dial extension, and most importantly, add a background picture. The only weird thing is that you have to use the icon in the address bar to add the pages to the speed dial—otherwise it’s easy enough to use.

Speed Dial for Chrome

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