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How to Hide a Partition in Windows

Do you need a partition to be hidden from a specific Windows installation? If you do, then check out this tutorial. It works for all versions of Windows, starting with XP and ending with Windows 8.

How to Hide or Dismount a Partition in Windows

How to Manage Partitions in Windows 7/Vista


This useful tutorial shows how to work with the Disk Management utility so that you can do whatever you want to your partitions: create new ones, delete existing partitions, shrink or extend partitions, changed drive letters and labels, etc. The tutorial works for both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to Manage Your Disks using the Disk Management Utility

Got a Low Disk Space Warning Message?

low disk space

Running out of disk space on your computer? But you have a 200GB hard drive, where did all that space go!? Unfortunately, temp files, duplicate files, backups, etc can end up taking a lot of space over time. Read on to learn about analyzing the data on your hard drive to figure out what’s taking up the most space.

Low Disk Space Warning

Check all drives for Errors with Disk Scanner


This free, read-only scanner will check any kind of drive for errors. It’s fast, thorough and has a nice interface. A paid version uses S.M.A.R.T technology to alert the user in advance of any drive errors.

Disk Scanner v1.2 by Ariolic Software

Visualize Your Hard Drive With WinDirStat


A uniquely visual tool, WinDirStat shows disk usage by color and partition. You can even delete file you know for certain you no  longer need. Works with XP, Vista and 7.

WinDirStat Homepage

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