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Original Illustrations in a HD Windows Theme



Check out this great theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8, featuring works crafted by artist Jozsef Vass.

Uncovering Artists Through Windows Themes – Jozsef Vass


largehearted boy’s List of 100 Online Sources for Free and Legal Music


This is a great, comprehensive collection of sites to download music. All free, all legal.

largehearted boy’s blog

Get this great security tool for Windows: Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit is a free security tool from Microsoft which helps you enhance the security of your Windows. The tool allows you to harden applications that weren’t originally designed to take advantage of Windows security features, such as DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

Complete tutorial: The one security tool every Windows user should know about

Download page: Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

Starcraft 2 Theme Pack for Windows 7

If you are a Starcraft 2 fan and you want a Windows 7 theme, with diverse backgrounds and a Starcraft 2 specific sound scheme, check out this theme pack.

Download the Starcraft 2 Theme Pack By 7 Tutorials

Cool Looking Skins for Windows Media Player 12


If you are a Windows Media Player 12 user, then you will be interested in this roundup of skins. Very cool list, especially for geeks.

Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins

Awesome Lyrics Finder for Winamp & Windows Media Player


We are using for some time a very cool add-on for Winamp & Windows Media Player which automatically finds & shows the lyrics for the songs you are playing. It was very hard to find something which works every time and it is actually free (not just free to download), but we’ve found it. Plus it doesn’t install any crapware to nag you. It is called Lyrics Plugin and you should definitely give it a try.

Lyrics Plugin (download page)

Download Videos from Hulu


We know some of our US readers are big fans of Hulu. If you are interested not only in streaming their movies but also in downloading them to your PC, then you should try StreamTransport – a free tool which helps you do this – and read this very useful tutorial.

StreamTransport (download page) | How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (tutorial by freeware genius)

Download YouTube Videos Easily using 3outube

download youtube video

Looking for a super fast and easy way to download YouTube videos? might be your answer. While watching the video, simply replace the “http://www.y” part of the URL with the number “3”. Bam! Download link will appear and you have your video.

Animate your Windows 7/Vista Start Menu


Startmenu Animation 2 is a cool tool from DeviantART member oO-MrHigh-Oo. If you are into tweaking the visuals of your Windows 7/Windows Vista installation, you should definity consider giving it a try. He’s got also some cool skins, so you might want to look on his profile.

Download Page | Video Demo (YouTube)

SPlayer – A Truly Lightweight Media Player


If you are tired of using your old media player and you want to try something new, you must try SPlayer. This player is very minimalistic in its approach: low resource consumption, no ads, small size, portability, discrete interface, free of charge. I’ve been trying it out and played a few videos and movies with it and i like a lot. I might actually consider to switch from my heavily used GOM Player.

SPlayer Official Website | Direct Download

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