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Architectural Photography in a Windows Theme


We found this theme featuring high quality photography work, with European architecture. It is worth a download.

Uncovering Artists Through Windows Themes – Ignacio Romero Naves


Office Timeline 2012

This little tool allows you to  make beautiful Gantt charts, timelines, and project schedules inside Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want, try it out here:

Download Office Timeline 2012


Can’t Open RAW Photos in Windows & Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Solve your problems with the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack. Complete instructions on how it works can be found here: How to View RAW Pictures In Windows Live Photo Gallery and Fix Weird Errors

Place a Shortcut for the Shut Down Windows Menu on Your Desktop

Download from here: Download the Shortcut for the “Shut Down Windows” Menu


Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 was Launched

A new version of Microsoft Security Essentials is available.  Microsoft decided to skip version 3.0 and launch version 4. What’s new in terms of important features is not known. The interface is almost identical and the configuration options look pretty much the same. Most probably Microsoft has spent effort mostly on improving its protection engine.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Good looking skins for Windows Media Player

Do you want to know from where to get good looking skins like the one above? Check this roundup:

Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2012

Free Internet Speed Monitoring Tool for your Windows Taskbar

NetSpeedMonitor is a useful tool that helps you monitor the speed (up and downstream) of your Internet connection. It shares also quick traffic reports split by day or month.

NetSpeedMonitor (via Vikitech)

The 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2011

TorrentFreak lists 2011’s top ten pirated movies

The Most Awesome Screensavers for Windows

Check out this fresh roundup of screensavers for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The Top 7 Screen Savers for Windows in 2012

Awesome Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows

If you are bored with how your mouse pointers look, you should read this roundup. It includes some pretty cool stuff.

Top 10 Best Mouse Cursor Schemes for Windows

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