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Publish Online Using Text Files With


This service lets you maintain an online text file through Dropbox. You can also quickly create and share text files with this.

How to Sync Folders with Windows Live Mesh

For those of you using or planning to use Windows Live Mesh – this tutorial will be worth checking out.

Windows Live Mesh – Sync Folders Between Computers & the Cloud

Searching for a Dropbox alternative?

If you are, then you should give Windows Live Mesh a try. It has some pretty awesome features, all described in detail in this article.

What is Windows Live Mesh & Why You Should Use It

Play Your Music from DropBox Using DropTunes


A neat web based music player for the tracks you’ve stored in your Dropbox account.


Share Files with Your Dropbox Public Folder the Easy Way


If you love Dropbox like we do, you already know you can copy files into the Public folder, then right-click them and copy the public link. You can even put a Public folder shortcut into your Send To menu by heading to shell:sendto. But this add-on makes it even simpler—by automating that process and copying the link to the clipboard. Neat!

Dropbox/Public [via Addictive Tips]

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