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Virus Total’s Browser Extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer


Install Virus Total’s small addon to swiftly upload a file to be scanned for malware or even right click a link. Practicing safe browsing just got a little bit easier.

Download VirusTotal’s browser extensions

Painlessly Remove Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia (Firefox)


We here at TinyHacker donate a tidy sum of money to various causes, projects and sharewares and would never dissuade anyone from doing the same. We draw the line at having to stare at Jimmy Wales’ mugshot on each and every Wikipedia page, year in, year out during fundraising season. Here’s how to remove him.

1. Install Stylish

2. Install Remove Wiki Banner from

In lieu of installing either, you can paste this code at the bottom of your UserChrome.css file:




  #siteNotice {

	display: none !important;



Thanks to کامیار

Integrate Google+ with Facebook & Twitter in Firefox & Chrome

This add-on called Start Google Plus, brings pretty useful integration features to both Firefox and Chrome.

Firefox version | Chrome version

Firefox Addon – Visualize Who’s Tracking You

If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold

I have never read truer words about the Internet. Collusion is a free Firefox add-on which provides an interactive, real-time visualization of the entities that track your behavior across the web. The more you surf the web with it installed, the more it shows you. You should definitely check it out!


Why Internet Explorer 9 has four Types of Add-ons?

Want to understand why Internet Explorer 9 has four types of add-ons? What’s the difference between them, what do they do? Check out this very complete tutorial, explaining everything about them.

Demystifying Internet Explorer 9 Add-Ons

Xmarks is Dead, Long Live Sync


Popular multi-browser bookmark sync tool Xmarks is closing shop soon, here are their alternative recommendations. We’d buy them breakfast if we could, they’ve saved our bacon on more than one occasion. Foxmarks/Xmarks will be remembered as a success story, not a failure. The ultimate compliment is to have your extension incorporated into the browser, and Xmarks joins the ranks of session restore, spell check and many others. Below is the link to the announcement,

Xmarks Blog

If at first the page doesn’t load, Try, Try Again (Firefox)


Firefox extension Try Again attempts to connect repeatedly with the server when a website is down.

TryAgain v3.3.0

Developer’s site

Easily Add Fun Animations for Icons in Firefox


Once enabled, Cute Buttons for Firefox adds animations when you hover or click. Rotate your Reload (or any) button, blur out unavailable options in menus or simply add ‘cute’ buttons where Firefox icons didn’t exist before. We’ve used this for a couple of months and truly enjoy the results.

Cute Buttons Crystal SVG v0.2.5

Extend Safari with Extensions

safari 5 extensions

We all love Firefox because it can so easily be modified and molded by using extensions. Safari 5 supports extensions now and already has nice collections of useful add-ons. Check out the gallery below.

Safari Extensions Gallery

Spell check whole pages (Firefox)


Spell Checker highlights spelling errors on whole pages, not just text boxes. A simple click on a the Spell Check icon will reveal any mistakes found on a page. Dozens of downloadable dictionary languages available here.

Spell Checker v1.3.2

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