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Text to Voice Adds Speech to Highlighted Text (Firefox)


Highlight some text and choose your spoken language, Text to Voice will speak the copied words in either a female or male voice. You can even download the dialog in .MP3, pretty cool indeed.

Text to Voice v1.03 Firefox extension

TinEye Reverse Image Search browser extension (Firefox/Chrome)


Ah, one we’ve been waiting for. Right click on any picture on the web and TinEye will scan over one billion images for a match. The results will even include a URL good for 24 hours so you can share. Brilliant idea !

TinEye Firefox addon

TinEye Chrome extension

TinEye homepage

Capture Entire Webpages With This Chrome Extension

webpage screenshot

A cool extension for chrome that can help you capture the screenshot of an entire webpage in one click.

Webpage screenshot chrome extension

Hyperwords addon (Firefox)

Choose any word in a text and add powerful features like search, translate, research, copy and shop.

We love this extension !


Hyperwords v6.5.1 addon

Hyperwords User Guide

FoxClocks adds World Times in your Statusbar (Firefox)


Firefox extension FoxClocks adds country or city times directly in your statusbar or by hovering over an icon. Quite handy if you have contacts from around the world or simply need to know where Happy Hour is occurring.

FoxClocks v2.6.17 download via Firefox Add-ons

Use Quick Translator to Translate Text in 50 Languages (Firefox)


Just highlight some text, right click and choose your language. Quick Translator will translate over 50 languages and quickly and accurately. Weighing in at a tiny 55kb, we have and use this add-on regularly.

Quick Translator v.0.3.1 from Firefox Add-ons

StockFox puts a Lightweight Stock Ticker in your Statusbar


StockFox allows you to capture Yahoo Finance quotes in either your statusbar or a tickerbar above your tabs. You can adjust the colors for up/down/unchanged issues and how often it updates.

StockFox v1.2.1 addon for Firefox

The Wearing of the Green – St. Patrick’s Day Theme (Firefox)


This new theme by the Brand Thunder project looks absolutely marvelous. One caveat, their Privacy policy which they spell out clear as a bell on the install page:

We respect your privacy. We do track some data – but it’s only numbers. We follow the total number of active themes, clicks on the extension buttons and themes using our search partners. That’s it.
Nothing is personally identifiable and nothing is on an individual basis. The full legal description is at if you’d like extra assurance.

St. Patrick’s Day theme and extension v1.0.2 via Firefox Addons

Flagfox Shows the Country Flag of a Website’s Server, WHOIS and much more (Firefox)


Firefox extension Flagfox will show a map of the current page’s web server, it’s WHOIS information, Alexa rank, translation, reputation and a great deal more (Sverige above).

Flagfox v4.0.2 Firefox extension

Tiny add-on Tabberwocky replaces most of the Tab Mix Plus feature set


Recent problems with Tab Mix Plus led us to look for a replacement extension to handle our basic tab opening needs. We came across Tabberwocky, a small but powerful alternative and will probably not look back even when TMP sorts out their (our) issue.

Tabberwocky v1.1 extension for Firefox

Support forum for Tabberwocky

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