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TIME Magazine Reviews Facebook Home

 facebook home

A review of the new Facebook Home by TIME magazine.

Facebook Home Review

New & Awesome Feature in Bing – Curate Your Online Presence!

Video: Make a Good Search Impression with Bing’s Linked Pages

12 Facebook Features You May Not Have Known Existed


NY Times Personal Tech Blog

What Facebook Knows About You

Scary stuff, but you probably already knew every friend you make, every farm you rake they were watching you.

Facebook & You


Very DeMotivational

Staying safe on Facebook – Can it be done?

A very interesting article about how to stay safe on Facebook – far from the spam, malware, useless applications…

Security on Facebook – How to Have a Safe & Pleasant Experience

BitDefender Safego – Great security app for Facebook

Do you need a free application which helps you stay safe on Facebook, and actively notifies you and your friends of malware being posted on walls?

Security Applications for Facebook – BitDefender Safego

Know When Your Facebook Friends Break Up

breakup notifier

An interesting service that lets you know when your Facebook friends break up. May be now you can get that girl. 😉

Breakup Notifier

Integrate Windows Live Messenger With Your Facebook Account

The latest version of Windows Live Messenger, allows you to integrate your Facebook account into it and access both your messenger contacts and Facebook contacts from one place.

Connecting Windows Live Messenger With Your Facebook Account

If Facebook existed years ago…


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