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10 Awesome Facebook Tweaks

facebook tweaks

If you’re addicted to Facebook just like half the people in world are, then you may as well learn how to tweak it to work better. Lifehacker has written a great post on 10 Facebook tweaks like backing up your account, sending out a message after you die, and filtering your alerts.

10 Facebook Tweaks

If Facebook Was a Country

facebook economy 

An interesting analysis, with data and infographic, of the Facebook economy.

The Republic of Facebook

Download All Tagged Photos in Facebook

download tagged photos

Have you ever been tagged by a friend in a photo? Probably so! What if you wanted to collect all those tagged photos of yourself or a friend and save them on your computer? It would be a royal pain to browse through multiple photo albums from different friends. Instead, use PhotoGrabber.

Download Tagged Photos in Facebook

Transfer Photos from Picasa to Facebook

picasa uploader

A guide to uploading photos directly to Facebook from Picasa.

How to Transfer Photos from Picasa to Facebook

The Republic of Facebook


The Facebook Economy via Visual Economics

Control Facebook Privacy Settings with PrivacyDefender

facebook privacy

Are you worried about your privacy on Facebook? Not sure how to configure all of those privacy settings to ensure your information is not public or visible to people you are trying to hide it from? PrivacyDefender is a tool that lets you easily control your Facebook privacy settings.


Know if Someone Accessed Your Facebook Account

facebook security

An important Facebook feature you should know so that you can get a notification when someone gains access to your Facebook account from a different device.

How To Know When Someone Tries To Hack Into Your Facebook Account

Share Flickr Photos On Facebook Automatically


Would you want your Flickr pictures to automatically appear on your Facebook wall? This article tells you the steps to do it.

How To Automatically Show Your Flickr Photos On Facebook Wall

OutSync will Sync Photos of your Friends on Facebook and Outlook


OutSync will even sync between Outlook/Exchange and your smartphone. Another truly tiny app (.6MB) that we love. All Windows OSs supported.

download OutSync

Integrate Facebook, Twitter into Gmail

facebook twitter gmail

Did you know that there is a way to integrate all your favorite sites into Gmail? For example, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, MySpace,, and more. Check out this article for adding sidebar widgets to Gmail.

Integrate Facebook, Twitter into Gmail

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