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AirDroid Gets Better With AirDroid 3

airdroid 3

AirDroid 3 makes this already useful app more useful.

Moving Files between your Android and Desktop Gets Easier with AirDroid 3

Quickly Share Big Files On the Web


Some useful sites to share large files.

5 Free Sites to Send Large Files Easily, No Sign Up Needed

Quickly Share Files From Windows


As the image above indicates, this is a tiny yet useful Windows utility to share files.


Send Free, Unlimited Files and Folders with WireOver


Simply drop a file or folder and add an email address. The recipient clicks OK to begin the transfer and you’re done. In testing we moved about 1GB in an hour without any performance hit at all. The beauty of WireOver is that you can move huge folders. There is a Pro version which encrypts your transferred files for $10 a month.

h/t to Mike B.

WireOver Enables Easy File Sharing


A quick and easy web based file sharing tool. Just drag and drop!

Searching for a Dropbox alternative?

If you are, then you should give Windows Live Mesh a try. It has some pretty awesome features, all described in detail in this article.

What is Windows Live Mesh & Why You Should Use It

Download Free from Top File Sharing Sites, As a Premium User

download from file sharing sites

Learn how to download from top file sharing sites as a premium user, but, for free!

How To Download From Megaupload, Filesonic, Rapidshare, Fileserve & More as Premium User (& Without Paying)

Share and Preview Files With Dropdo


This service lets you quickly upload files to share, and also lets your friends preview them online.


Using HomeGroup To Share Files In Windows 7


Use HomeGroup to enable quick and easy file sharing among PCs using Windows 7.

Quickly Share Files Between PCs Using HomeGroup in Windows 7

Filevo is a Cool File Hosting & Sharing Site


Filevo offers 1GB file uploads and 4Mbps download speeds which is definitely interesting.


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