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Virus Total’s Browser Extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer


Install Virus Total’s small addon to swiftly upload a file to be scanned for malware or even right click a link. Practicing safe browsing just got a little bit easier.

Download VirusTotal’s browser extensions

Customizable Shortcuts for Firefox


Customize your Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

Customizable Shortcuts for Firefox

A preview of the Firefox app for Windows 8


Firefox is currently working on developing a touch friendly version of the browser, for Windows 8. Here’s how it looks like right now and what to expect from it, once its development is finalized.

Firefox for Windows 8 adds a touch of Metro style


Using Multiple Dictionaries in Firefox


This Firefox add-on lets you lookup words in multiple dictionaries.

Multi Dictionary Lookup

Comparison: Internet Explorer 10 vs Internet Explorer 9, Chrome and Firefox

See the other tests and graphs here:  Browser Wars: Is Internet Explorer 10 a Relevant Browser?

Infographic: Restrospective of Firefox in 2011

Source: Firefox: 2011

Integrate Google+ with Facebook & Twitter in Firefox & Chrome

This add-on called Start Google Plus, brings pretty useful integration features to both Firefox and Chrome.

Firefox version | Chrome version

Firefox Addon – Visualize Who’s Tracking You

If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold

I have never read truer words about the Internet. Collusion is a free Firefox add-on which provides an interactive, real-time visualization of the entities that track your behavior across the web. The more you surf the web with it installed, the more it shows you. You should definitely check it out!


Get Chrome’s Pin Tab in Firefox

Chrome's pin tab in Firefox

Heart the pin tab feature in Chrome? Want it in Firefox too? This guide explains how to get that.

The Easy Way to Get Chrome’s Pin Tab Feature in Firefox

Make Firefox Run Faster On Netbooks

fastre firefox on netbooks

A super-comprehensive guide on making Firefox run smoothly on Netbooks

The Ultimate Guide To Making Firefox Run Smoothly on Netbooks

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