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Perform a Search from the Firefox Toolbar

firefox toolbar search

One of my favorite features of the Google Chrome browser is the omnibar. You can type a web address or you can simply type in keywords to perform a search. With a little bit of tweaking, you can also perform Google searches from the Firefox toolbar. Read on to learn how.

Perform Google Searches from Firefox Toolbar

Speed Up Firefox by Preloading Components

firefox preloader

Firefox is already pretty fast when loading, but what if you could make it load even faster? That’s where Firefox Preloader comes in. This nifty program will pre-load some of the components that Firefox uses, so it loads up instantly. Check it out.

Speed Up Firefox with Firefox Preloader

Easily Create More Bookmark Toolbars in Firefox

extra bookmarks toolbar

Here’s how you can easily add extra bookmarks toolbars to Firefox.

How to Add Extra Bookmarks Toolbars in Firefox

Open Multiple Links At One Go

multiple links

This guide tells you how you can open multiple links at once in Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to Open Multiple Links at Once in Firefox and Chrome

Get Your Delicious Bookmarks In Firefox’s Awesome Bar


Check this article to see how you can make your delicious bookmarks appear in the Firefox awesome bar search results.

How To Make Your Delicious Bookmarks Appear In Firefox Awesome Bar Auto-Search

SpeedyFox Claims to Speed up your Firefox


In our experiment, the browser started and pages loaded about ~10% faster.

SpeedyFox v1.4.2 by CrystalIdea

How to Browse Privately in Firefox

firefox private browsing

Want to make sure you’re not leaving any trace of your browsing while in Firefox? If so, you should make sure you are using Private Browsing. It’s like IE’s InPrivate and Chrome’s Incognito. Learn more.

Firefox Private Browsing

Convert Web Pages into a Printer Friendly Format using Clippable

printer friendly web pages

If you still like to read content on paper and you tend to print out web pages for future reading, then you will love Clippable. It’s a free Firefox and IE add-on that cleans up a webpage so that when you print it, you only get the content and not the other junk.

Make a Webpage Printer Friendly

Sort Firefox Bookmarks by Name or Folder

sort firefox bookmarks

Have a crapload of bookmarks in Firefox? By default, there are not many options for sorting bookmarks in Firefox. Luckily, there are tons of add-ons. SortPlaces is an awesome one that lets you sort by different criteria automatically.

Sort Firefox Bookmarks By Name or Folder

Firefox Versus IE: The Icon


We love this icon and use it to replace the default one on our quick launch. Bravo to Daemon of DeviantArt. We did have to convert from .png, see Imagicon

Download the .png @ DeviantArt

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