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Take Control Of Your Firefox Menu Options


When you right click in Firefox, do you have two dozen context menu options? Three dozen? The Menu Editor extension allows easy adjustment and deletion of unwanted menu items.

Menu Editor Homepage at

Menu Editor @ Firefox Add-ons

Backup Your Entire Firefox Profile in One Minute


MozBackup can backup and restore your Firefox bookmarks, passwords, stylish.rdf settings, extensions, themes and much more. Never worry about corrupt profiles again ! Works with Thunderbird and Flock too. Our all-time favorite Firefox backup tool.

MozBackup Homepage

Make the Firefox Find Box Remember Your Ctrl+F Searches


Do you use the Ctrl+F shortcut key combination to find things in a page often? Now you can make Firefox save them.


Power Up Your Firefox Tabs the Lightweight Way


Tabberwocky is everything you might want in a Tab Manager for Firefox. From locking tabs to allowing multiple rows of tabs, this thing does it all. And at 25K, it’s considerably smaller than Tab Mix Plus (~400K). For you keyboard commando’s, there are shortcuts for nearly everything.


Prevent Pages from Automatically Refreshing


Hate those pages that automatically refresh every couple of minutes? We do too. If you are using IE, just head to Tools –> Options, go to the Security tab, click Custom Level, then find Allow META REFRESH and disable it.

Want the same thing in Firefox? Lifehacker has the answer: head into about:config and change accessibility.blockautorefresh to true.

Save Firefox Bookmark Searches to Make Dynamic Folders


Ever wanted a customized folder on your Firefox Bookmarks bar that just shows whatever bookmarks that match your search terms?

Open up the bookmark organizer (Ctrl+Shift+B), do a search through your bookmarks, click Save, give it a name, and then drag the new search bar (at the bottom of the Bookmarks Menu) over to the Bookmarks bar (or wherever else you want it).

CyberSearch Extension Makes Firefox Awesome Bar 200% More Awesome


If you want the Firefox Awesome Bar to give you search suggestions, act as a calculator, or add a spell-checker directly in the list without needing to waste time hitting the search results page, the CyberSearch extension is exactly what you need. Hit the download page for way more screenshots.


Generate Automatic FavIcons for Sites that Don’t Have One


Got lots of sites that don’t have favicons? You can install a Firefox extension that automatically generates an icon for a site based on the IP address of said website. It’s silly and kinda pointless, but it makes the web a prettier place, so how can we argue with it?


TrackMeNot for Firefox keeps search engines from ‘data profiling’ you



The TrackMeNot extension for Firefox 3.5 offers an additional layer of privacy for the surfer. By periodically sending random search queries, TrackMeNot increases the difficulty of search data indentifying individual users. Another great tool to protect your online identity.

Install TrackMeNot v 0.6.2a on TMN’s homepage

Install TrackMeNot v 0.6.29 from Firefox Add-ons

Use TACO in Firefox to stop advertising networks in their tracks


TACO sets opt-out cookies to minimize the chances of you being tracked all over the web. It’s really that simple. Installing this extension will not slow you down or inhibit surfing in any way. We use it and highly recommend it.

Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO)

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