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Your Flash Player Version & Why Does it Matter?

You have Flash Player on your computer and you should read this.

What’s my Flash Player version? Where’s the latest Flash update?

Playing Flash Videos on iOS Devices

flash videos on iphone

Yes, you can play flash videos on jailbroken iPhones. Here’s a tutorial.

How To Play Flash Videos On Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

Visit Santa’s Workshop and Track His Sled


You probably knew NORAD doesn’t just track incoming ICBMs. Follow Santa’s sled on Google Earth, on Twitter or Facebook too. Visit his North Pole workshop and play games for all ages.

NORAD’s Santa Tracker

North Pole Workshop

Machinarium is a Beautiful, Artsy Flash Puzzle Game


There’s no end of amazing Flash games out there—we’ve got loads of great ones on the How-To Geek Arcade—but this game is different. It’s got beautiful artwork, loads of puzzles… awesome! The demo is free, the full downloadable game is $20.


Take a Spin Through an Awesomely Hypnotic Zoom-Through Painting


This flash animation is just crazy—it zooms into the painting, but just keeps zooming, and as it zooms, there’s even more detail. Awesome! (and a little dizzying)

ZoomQuilt II  [via boingboing]

Open Doors is a Fun Logic-Based Flash Game


Couldn’t get enough of the last logic game we showed you? This one is similar, but you are controlling a square block that can only go through the doors that are open—but half of the doors open other doors… it’s fun, and rather addicting.

Open Doors

Ever Wonder What Would Happen if Your Icons Started Fighting?


This is a completely pointless time-wasting flash video where all the icons on a Windows XP desktop start attacking each other. But it’s fun!

Icon War [via Windows Club]

BetterPrivacy Clears Out those Hidden Flash Tracking Cookies


Did you realize that Flash is tracking you? That’s right, even if you clear out your Firefox cookies on a regular basis, Flash is storing loads of secret hidden cookies that track you. Unless you install BetterPrivacy, that is. It lets you auto-delete them.


Fun Logic Game: Stuck in a Room With 2 People


The point of the game is to open the doors by standing the characters on the platforms, and then moving them around between rooms to get to the targets. It’s surprisingly addicting.


Newspaper Front Pages in Flash


A very cool tool if you like to check news headlines from multiple local papers, worldwide. Hurry before there are no newspapers left 😉

News Front Pages from Newseum

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