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Windows 7 – How to Make the Windows Explorer Better

Try Classic Shell. This complete tutorial, takes you through the latest version of this great tool for Windows.

Fix Windows Explorer Annoyances with Classic Shell

TeraCopy – truly effective file copying

Some of you might know about this cool little tool. TeraCopy is a really fast file copier, which offers features such as: pause and resume support, error recovery, Windows shell integration, Windows 7 x64 support, etc.

If you haven’t tried this tool already, then give it a try.

TeraCopy Product Page

DeskNotes – Advanced Free Note Taking App

If you think Sticky Notes is too basic for you, then give DeskNotes a try. It’s a cool free tool which ads basic formatting options, synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, etc.

DeskNotes product page

Move the Close, Maximize and Minimize buttons


By default, the close, maximize and minimize buttons for any window are on the right hand side. But what if you are one of the few that would prefer to have those buttons on the left hand side? LeftSider is your app!


Find the Differences between Two Text Files using Diff Checker

text file differences

Instead of downloading software to your computer, you can visit a website for free to compare and find the differences between two text files. DiffChecker is a nifty little site that is very useful for developers, coders and the like.

Compare Text Files for Differences

Optimize Your PC using Soluto


Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your computer quite often? Running slow because of too many programs? Too much crap that starts up when you boot? Soluto is a new program that measures and gives you recommendations on what programs are causing the slowness and can be removed.

Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

Close All Running Programs with SmartClose


Are you one of those people with 40 windows open on your desktop at any given time? It’s a pain to close all your program if you need to perform a quick restart. SmartClose is cool because it can also restore all your programs later!


Convert BMP, TIFF, PCX to Vector files with RasterVect Free


If you need a free program to convert your bitmap files to vector files, then RasterVect Free it the tool for you. It can convert to the following formats: DXF, WMF, EMF, EPS or AI.

RasterVect Free – Download Page (the free version is the 2nd download package)

RasterVect Free – Product Page

Build Great Charts in Excel with Chart Advisor


If you are working with lots of data and graphs on a regular basis, like most corporate geeks, then you should use Chart Advisor. This is a free tool from Microsoft Office Labs, helping you decide how to best create charts based on the data sets you’re working with.

Chart Advisor – Download Page

Tips on Using Chart Advisor & Communicating Data in a Visual Way

Share High Res Photos using Divvyshot


Want to quickly share some photos with friends you want on a trip with? Want them to be able to add photos to the collection too? Want to have unlimited space? Then check out DivvyShot, a free service for sharing high resolution photos with everyone.


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