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Kill Processes Quickly with Process Assassin

process assassin

Ever had to restart your entire computer because a process would not die? That’s where Process Assassin can help. It’s a small program that terminates processes immediately and doesn’t effect any other program. Nice!

Kill Processes with Process Assassin

Get a Recycle Bin for Your USB Drive using iBin

recycle bin for usb drive

Love the concept behind the recycle bin in Windows? Delete a file and it goes to the trash instead of being permanently deleted just in case you didn’t mean to. Well, using iBin, you can create a recycle bin for your USB flash drive! Read on to learn more.

Create Recycle Bin for USB Flash Drive

Merge Multiple PowerPoint Files into One

combine powerpoint files

Have several PowerPoint files that you want to combine into one file? PowerPoint Joiner is a nifty little program that lets you easily join many PowerPoint files into one big file.

Merge PowerPoint Presentations

WordWeb – Free Windows Dictionary App

windows dictionary app

Tired of looking up words on with boatloads of ads? Check out Wordweb, it’s a free offline and online dictionary with a lot of useful features like web references, Wikipedia integration, Wikitionary integration and more. Also, it can hear the spoken version of any word.

WordWeb – Free Dictionary for Windows

Convert Your Handwriting into a Font

convert handwriting into font

Ever want to write an email in your own handwriting? If you have a tablet PC, you can! Check out this step by step tutorial on how to convert your handwriting into your own font that you can use in Word, Photoshop, or anywhere else!

Convert Handwriting to Font

Replace Windows Task Scheduler with Python

python cron service

Windows Task Scheduler is good for newbies, but what about us hardcore IT people? If you’re in IT or just plain geeky, you might want to try out the Python Cron Service. It basically emulates the Cron utility in Linux. My kind of tool.

Replace Windows Task Scheduler

1 HOUR SOFTWARE by Skrommel


A collection of 40 tiny utilities by Skrommel over at Donation Coder. Helpful tools include a screen dimmer, hide desktop script and fading taskbar tool. Some old, some new but all free.


Format an SD Card Properly using SDFormatter

format sd card

How do you normally format your camera SD card? If you use the built-in format option on your camera, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t use Windows to format an SD card, at least according to the SD Association. Instead, if you want to prolong the life of your SD card, you should use SD Formatter, a free program that properly formats an SD or SDHC card according to official standards.

Properly Format SD Memory Card

Make Your Website More SEO-Friendly with the SEO Toolkit for IIS

iis seo toolkit

Running your website off IIS? If so, you might want to check out the free Search Engine Optimization Toolkit, a free SEO tool from Microsoft. It performs in-depth site analysis and supports Robots.txt and Sitemap files.

Search Engine Optimization Toolkit for IIS

Repair Common Windows 7 Problems with FixWin

fix windows 7

Having a problem with your Windows 7 computer? If so, check out a nitfy little program called FixWin. It has a nice collection of over 50 fixes to common Windows 7 problems, such as a missing recycle bin or problems with Aero Snap and Peek.

FixWin – Fix Windows 7 Problems

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