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Create Interactive DVD Menus using DVDStyler

create dvds

Have a bunch of home videos sitting on your PC? Might be time to learn how to create a nice looking DVD that you can send to your family and friends. DVDStyler is a free program you can use to create DVDs with interactive menus.

DVDStyler – Free DVD Authoring Software

Grab ScreenShots and Share Online using Graabr

capture screenshots

Graabr is an ultra easy-to-use screen capture tool for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. You can download the desktop app or install the Firefox add-on. Once you capture a screenshot, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, StumbleUpon, Digg or Reddit.


Add Hundreds of Programs to Your USB Stick with Lupo PenSuite

lupo pensuite

You’ve probably heard of PortableApps, but what about Lupo PenSuite? It’s a huge collection of free portable programs and games for your USB stick. The full version includes over 200 essential programs like 7-Zip, Audacity, Notepad++, FileZilla, Foxit Reader, GIMP, CCleaner, uTorrent, Thunderbird and lots more.

Lupo PenSuite

Hide Folders in Windows using Easy File Locker

hide files and folders

Looking for a quick and easy way to hide files and folders on your Windows PC? Using Easy File Locker, you can prevent people from opening, deleting, modifying, or moving files and folders. You can password protect the main program, so the settings cannot be changed and the program cannot be uninstalled without the password.

Lock Folders in Windows

Make Ants Crawl All Over Your Desktop with 12-Ants

12 ants

Want to freak out a friend or family member? 12-Ants is a fun little program that requires no install (which means you can run it from a USB stick) and creates nasty little ants that crawl all over your desktop. You can control the number of ants, speed, and whether they should attack the cursor! Awesome!!!


Share Files Easily Between PCs Using GBridge

share files

Looking for a way to remotely control another PC, share files, sync folders, or char securely? If so, Gbridge is your answer! It’s a free software based on Google’s GTalk service that creates an encrypted VPN connection between computers across the Internet.

Share Files Between Computers Over the Internet

Reveal Passwords Hidden by Asterisks

reveal hidden passwords

You may have noticed that some programs will hide a saved password with asterisks. This is great unless you forget your password! Luckily, if it’s saved, you can still login, but instead of resetting your password, you can unhide it using Asterisk Logger. Awesome!

Reveal Hidden Passwords using Asterisk Logger

Record Skype Calls with iFree Recorder

skype call recorder

If you use Skype a lot for talking with family, friends, clients, or business associates, you might run into a few instances where you would like to record the conversation. There are a lot of Skype call recording apps out there and one I recently tried out was iFree Recorder. It’s free with no limits attached and works really well.

iFree Recorder

Centrally Administer Windows 7 using Windows 7 In A Box

windows 7 in a box

If you just got Windows 7 and can’t find the setting or configuration option to make a specific change like Parental Controls or Theme Settings, then Windows 7 In A Box might be for you. It’s a free utility that puts all of the tools, settings, and programs in one place for easy access. Good for novice users!

Windows 7 In A Box

Find What You Are Looking for Fast using Windows Grep

windows grep

grep originally was a command line utility used to search for text in files on UNIX. It’s also a popular search utility on Linux. And now you can use this powerful tool in Windows! Windows Grep is a simple to use text search utility that lets you search multiple files at once using regular expressions.

Search Multiple Text Files

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