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Turn Your PC into a Streaming Music Server using Sockso


If you have an enormous MP3 music collection on your home PC, it will probably me kind of hard to listen to any song you want from anywhere in the world, unless you have an iPod. If you want to access your music from the Internet on any computer, you can setup a streaming music server using a free program called Sockso.

How to Setup a Streaming Music Server

Batch Rename Files using File Renamer Basic

file renamer

So you have a bunch of photos with stupid names like DSC000393 or IMG293933 right? Not very useful. Trying to rename each one would be a pain also. That’s where File Renamer Basic can help. Using this utility, you can quickly rename a bunch files with lots of options of prefixes, suffixes, or what you like.

How to Batch Rename Files

Backup Web Browser Settings using FavBackup

backup web browsers

If you’re like me, you might have 3 to 4 different web browsers installed on your system. Each browser has it’s own set of favorites, profiles, add-ons, saved passwords, and more! FavBackup is a free tool that supports all the major browsers, plus some minor ones, and makes backing up a cinch!

Backup Web Browser Settings using FavBackup

Tweak Windows 7 using Little Tweaker

tweak windows 7

Got Windows 7? If so, check out Little Tweaker. It’s a really small utility that lets you activate a few useful settings in Windows 7. For example, you can add a Copy To or Move To option in the right-click context menu or take ownership of files right from Explorer.

Windows 7 Little Tweaker

Recover Hard Disk Space using Space Sniffer

space sniffer

Just like your house can start to fill up with junk after a while, so can your computer! With downloads, pictures, videos, music, etc, even a large hard drive can get filled up pretty quickly. Space Sniffer is a free utility that analyzes your hard disk and gives you a nice visual view of what is taking up the most space.

Find Lost Space on Your Hard Disk

Organize Your Desktop using Fences

organize desktop fences

Are you one of those people who has tons of icons on their desktop? If you find yourself wasting a lot of time searching through icons, Fences might be a program for you. It’s a free app that lets you create containers on your desktop to organize your icons, files and folders. Very useful!

Fences – Organize Your Desktop

Looking for a Good Registry Cleaner? Find It Here!

registry cleaners

Have you recently uninstalled a lot of software from your PC? If so, your computer may still have entries left over from those programs in the Windows registry. Or you may have a lot of entries in your registry that are never used. That’s where a good registry cleaner can help. Check out the list below!

Best Windows Registry Cleaners

Save Desktop Icon Locations using Shock Desktop

save icon layout

If you’re one of those people who love to move icons all over the desktop and make pretty little patterns, then you’ll love Shock Desktop. It’s a simple utility that lets you save and recover desktop icon layouts. It also supports dual monitors too!

Shock Desktop

Best Programs to Share Your Desktop Remotely

remote desktop apps

Having a computer problem? Wish your geek buddy from another city could help you out? If you want to share your desktop remotely or let someone take control of your computer so they can fix a problem, then you can use free remote desktop sharing apps to get the job done!

6 Free Apps to Share Your Desktop Remotely

Copy Data From a Corrupted Hard Drive using Copy Cat

copy data

Recently discovered that a sector of your hard drive is corrupted and not readable? Or maybe you have some CDs and DVDs that are scratched so badly that Windows cannot read data from the discs anymore?

Copy Cat is a program that you copy data from your hard drive, a CD, or a DVD byte by byte and will simply skip over the bytes that are not readable. Neat!

Copy Cat

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