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Split Large Files into Smaller Pieces using GSplit

split large files

Have a super huge file that you need to split into several smaller pieces? This can come in handy if you need to burn something really large onto several CDs or DVDs or if you want to email something that is over the attachment size limit. GSplit is a free program with loads of great features and that really works well.

Split Files using GSplit

Convert between image file formats using MooO ImageTypeConverter

convet image file formats

Looking for a quick way to convert between different image formats? JPG to PNG? GIF to ICO? BMP to JPG? MooO ImageTypeConvert is a free program that makes converting between image file formats almost fun! Just drag an image onto the interface and you can convert it to several formats at once.

MooO ImageTypeConverter

Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


This free tool helps you turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share your connection with others. Connectify is free to use but you have to register before downloading it.

Connectify via PC World

99 freeware programs to trick out your PC


The Help Desk Geek blog has a huge list of freeware apps for Windows that we’re not necessarily already familiar with. From password protecting EXE files to merging PDF files, there’s a program from everyone! Enjoy!

99 of the best Windows freeware programs you may not know of

Pricelessware Provides A Great Annual List Of Freeware


Since 2000, Pricelessware has provided a comprehensive list of best in class freeware programs. See the 2009 nominees here:


Last Freeware Version


Find the last freeware version of great programs like FastStone Capture, Everest Home Edition, Mailwasher and hundreds more. Most are for XP and earlier but may run fine on Windows 7.

Last Freeware Version from 321 Download

Test the Speed of Your USB Drive


Ever wondered exactly how fast your Flash Drive is? You can easily benchmark them using the portable CrystalDiskMark utility that tests both Read and Write speeds. Very handy!


Figure Out Unknown Devices in Device Manager


Unknown Devices is a small application that helps you figure out what those devices with question marks in Device Manager are really about. Of course, normally you should just install the motherboard & system drivers, but sometimes it can really help to figure it out.

Unknown Devices

A tiny Color Picker app that does more


ColorPix is a free app that helps you to find and replicate colors by RGB and HEX. Have you ever wanted to know exactly what shade of orange that item was? Zoom in 1600% and now you can locate it right down to the pixel. Ultra light on resources and easy to use, we think very highly of this tiny program.

ColorPix by ColorSchemer

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