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I Resemble That Remark


From the always enlightening 9gag.

Awkward Family Photos


The title of this post says it all, doesn’t it? Hilarious site!

Awkward Family Photos

The Best Captions Ever


People upload photos to this site with a caption… and that’s the best part. You’ll know when you see the captions.

The Oatmeal on Taking Friends’ Photos


Hilarious and so true!

How to Take INCREDIBLE Photos of Your Friends

Generate your own For Dummies book cover

You’ll surely have a laugh generating geeky covers. 🙂

The Official For Dummies Cover Generator

How the Internet (and the Browser) Works

how internet and browser works 

A nice and simple comic on how the internet and the browser works.

How the Internet (and the Browser) Works

Web Designers vs Web Developers

Source: I Love Charts

The Chicken Came First

Chicken came first

This research should settle the matter once and for all. 🙂

The Chicken and the Egg: Ancient Mystery Solved?

Tech Fanboys Field Guide

fanboys chart

A nice, and kinda funny chart comparing fanboys of popular gadgets put together by PCWorld and MacWorld.

Fanboys: A Field Guide

Download Command & Conquer Classics for Free

command and conquer

If you were born around the late 70’s or early 80’s, then you probably fondly remember playing Command & Conquer. There was Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, and Tiberian Sun. Now you can download them for free!

Command & Conquer Classics

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