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Play Tetris in First Person

first person tetris

This I love. Some excellent people wrote up a first-person version of Tetris and it’s a lot of fun to play! Use the space bar to rotate, Enter to drop, and arrow keys to move the pieces around. Nice little break while at work!

First Person Tetris

Write for 10 Minutes About Anything

write for 10 mintues

Recently, I ran into a cool website called Write for Ten. It’s a project with one rule: write for 10 minutes about anything. Apparently, this helps develop a habit for writing, helps put ideas into words and helps you avoid procrastinating! Check it out!

Write for Ten

Find Your First Twitter Follower

first twitter follower

Want to know who was the first person to follow you on Twitter? If so, check out a nifty little site called FirstFollower. So if you have thousands and thousands of followers, it might be worth thanking that first one!


Browse Vintage Ads using Vintage Ad Browser

vintage ad browser

Ever wonder what beauty ads from the 1910’s used to look like? Ahem…look above! Apparently growing hair on the face was somehow considered a good thing. Vintage Ad Browser is a neat site with thousands of vintage ads from all the way back to the 1800’s! Enjoy.

Vintage Ad Browser

Traditional and Alternative Eggnog Recipes from the New York Times


M’mmm, everyone loves eggnog. Well, almost everyone. The New York Times has many delicious old and new recipes, even some, er, non-traditional. Gulp.

1958 Eggnog

Blender Eggnog

Eggnog graphic

Additional Recipes from the NY Times

Visit Santa’s Workshop and Track His Sled


You probably knew NORAD doesn’t just track incoming ICBMs. Follow Santa’s sled on Google Earth, on Twitter or Facebook too. Visit his North Pole workshop and play games for all ages.

NORAD’s Santa Tracker

North Pole Workshop

Personalized Condiments from MyHeinz


Yup, you can personalize Heinz ketchup and mustard bottles. Great gift idea for the little ones, as we found out. Prices range from $6 for one 20oz Squeeze to $13 for four 2.5oz glass jars.


Make Ants Crawl All Over Your Desktop with 12-Ants

12 ants

Want to freak out a friend or family member? 12-Ants is a fun little program that requires no install (which means you can run it from a USB stick) and creates nasty little ants that crawl all over your desktop. You can control the number of ants, speed, and whether they should attack the cursor! Awesome!!!


Visiting or Living In New York? Check Out NYC Way

nyc way

Whether you live in NY or plan to visit, one app you should install on your iPhone is NYC Way. It’s a free app that bundles a bunch of local NY resources into one little package. Resources include nearest WiFi hotspots, NYC coffee shops, live traffic cams, subway alerts, tourist attractions, and lots more.

NYC Way iPhone App

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