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Get Extended Warranty On Some Products


The Bucks blog at NYTimes has a nice writeup on a tool that can help you extend your warranty on gadgets for free.

A New Web Portal Doubles a Product’s Warranty

TIME’s Greatest Gadgets List

100 greatest gadgets

Check out this list of 100 greatest gadgets since 1923, according to TIME Magazine.

100 greatest gadgets since 1923

So You Think You’re A Geek?


The Wall Street Journal interviews the C.E.O. of Evernote, a gentleman that lugs around 26 pounds of gadgets.

The Only Tech These Geeks Lack Is a Cart to Haul Their Gadgets

Buy Gadgets for Cheap At BudgetGadgets


If you love those inexpensive Chinese gadgets, then you’d love BudgetGadgets too (it ships worldwide).


Rent Cameras In Bulk At CameraRenter

camera renter

An interesting service which lets you rent digital cameras in bulk on occasions like a wedding, and save professional photography costs.


iFixit Offers Gadget Repair Manuals Online


Here’s a nice site that helps you troubleshoot and repair your gadgets for free. Check it out.


Check Out All the New Gadgets at CES 2010

ces 2010

As a tech enthusiast, this time of year is the most exciting. Why? Because it’s the start of the Consumer Electronics Show. This is when you get to check out all the coolest tech gadgets and see what’s coming in the near future. You can get full CES 2010 coverage at PC Mag.

CES 2010

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