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Safe Gaming (Infographic)


To frag or not to frag, that is the question.

Daily Infographic

Angry Birds Space to be Released Tomorrow, 3/22

via 148Apps

Beat the Boot is a Cool Chrome Game


Check out this really cool game developed by Google (works as a Chrome app).

Beat the Boot

Guess… the most pirated games of 2011

And then read through this list: The Most Pirated Games of 2011

Who are the New Gamers?

Infographic: Who are the New Gamers?

Visualization: How Would You Like to Interact with Games in the Future?

Visualization: Where Would You Like to See More Games Applied?

Google+ Games

games in google plus

Checked out games in Google+ yet?

Games in Google+: fun that fits your schedule

Angry Birds On Chrome

angry birds chrome 3

Time to play this super-duper famous game on the browser!

Angry Birds on Chrome

Solve Crosswords Online With Friends With TeamCrossword

team crossword

Love Crosswords? Then you’ll like this web based tool that lets you solve them, and also collaborate with friends while doing that.


Take a spare 3D graphics card and hook it up to your laptop

This is one great tutorial for the hardware geeks reading us.

How to make an external laptop graphics adaptor

Mafia 2 Theme Pack for Windows 7

For Mafia 2 fans, check out this theme pack for Windows 7.

Download the Mafia 2 Theme Pack By 7 Tutorials

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