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Starcraft 2 Theme Pack for Windows 7

If you are a Starcraft 2 fan and you want a Windows 7 theme, with diverse backgrounds and a Starcraft 2 specific sound scheme, check out this theme pack.

Download the Starcraft 2 Theme Pack By 7 Tutorials

Channel Your Inner Pong


Play a great flash based tennis game 🙂

Flash Tennis

Addictive 25 Panel Word Puzzle


Have loads of fun trying to segue the clues. This may take a while to finish so be sure to ‘save game’ every so often.

Funny Farm word puzzle

Visit for Old School Games, Music and Videos


Are you an 8-bit or ASCII fanatic? Want to play dozens of Atari era games in your browser or sample some revolutionary (for the time) music? We found Woolyss by accident but happy we did. Thank you jikoo.

Fun Brain Games For The Little Ones


The New York Times offers some challenging games for kids of all ages =)

NY Times Brain Games page

Download Command & Conquer Classics for Free

command and conquer

If you were born around the late 70’s or early 80’s, then you probably fondly remember playing Command & Conquer. There was Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, and Tiberian Sun. Now you can download them for free!

Command & Conquer Classics

The 53 Best iPhone Games

best iphone games

Now that I have an iPhone, I have found that I spend most of my time on the phone playing games. It’s a great platform and there are a tons of awesome games out there. The Gizmodo team has written up a great article on 53 of the best iPhone games out there. Check it out!

53 Best iPhone Games

Play Tetris in First Person

first person tetris

This I love. Some excellent people wrote up a first-person version of Tetris and it’s a lot of fun to play! Use the space bar to rotate, Enter to drop, and arrow keys to move the pieces around. Nice little break while at work!

First Person Tetris

Need Lawyers, Guns and Money?


We know where to find the guns. Shoot up your whole screen, right click on your weapon to change. All OSs.

Onefog Desktop Shooter

Play Atari Battlezone – The Best Tank Game Of The 80s


So good, the U.S. military used a reasonable facsimile to test tank warfare. All that’s missing from the 70’s arcade game is the periscope.

Play Battlezone @ Atari

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