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Google+ Photos Tricks and Uses

google+ photos

Some nice ways to use Google+ Photos.

7 Must-Know Google+ Photos Tips to Make the Most Out of it

Using the Google+ app on Android to its full capabilities

The Complete Guide to Using Google+ App on your Android Device


Better Photo Tagging on Google+


The new Find My Face feature on Google+ enables automatic photo tagging.

Find My Face

Google Engineers “Hate” Google Plus

This article is based on a fun & mostly true rant from a Google engineer. I am curious if you agree or not.

Google engineer calls Google+ a “pathetic afterthought” and “knee-jerk reaction”

Integrate Google+ with Facebook & Twitter in Firefox & Chrome

This add-on called Start Google Plus, brings pretty useful integration features to both Firefox and Chrome.

Firefox version | Chrome version

Google+ Games

games in google plus

Checked out games in Google+ yet?

Games in Google+: fun that fits your schedule

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