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Should You Buy the Moto X?


Take a look at these important things about Moto X before making a decision on buying it.

Top 10 Things About Moto X, Google’s New Flagship Android Phone

Infographic: Bing vs. Google – how they anonymize your data


More details here: The Grand Bargain

Does the Chromebook actually sell? How many people are buying it?


How well is the Chromebook doing in the market?

First real-world usage figures suggest Chromebooks are struggling




Via xkcd

Get a Cleaner Google Reader


This Chrome extension removes clutter from your Google Reader interface and provides a better reading experience.

Google Reader Readable

Google’s Project Glass (Infographic)


We’re for anything that provides a safe HUD. via MakeUseOf

Sign Petition Against SOPA and PIPA


The war against SOPA and PIPA is ongoing and if you haven’t yet signed a petition, do it now using the Google’s take action page.

Take Action Against SOPA and PIPA

Want to use Google Music from Outside of the US?

How to Sign Up For and Use Google Music Service From Outside the US

Google’s Top Secret Lab


NY Times 11/15/11

Share from Google Reader to Google Plus

Google should really implement this feature as default.

How to Enable Sharing From Google Reader to Your Google+ Profile

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