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Use Google Takeout to Backup Google Accounts

google takeout

Google Takeout is a new backup service by Google.

How to Backup All Your Google Accounts Data with Google Takeout

Tweet from Google Talk

Now this is geeky: post tweets from Google Talk. With automatic URL shortening. 🙂

Voice Search In Google

voice search in google

Voice Search coming soon to in Chrome 11 or higher for everyone. Do you have it yet?

Voice Search

Google Code University

google code university

Learn programming at Google Code University.

Google Code University

Google Shared Spaces

google shared spaces 1

Quickly create a shared space and collaborate with friends online.

Google Shared Spaces

Google’s Book Helps You Learn About Browsers and Web

18-11-2010 23-57-20 things i learned about the web

A cool new book (online book actually) by Google Chrome team on browsers and the web.

20 Things I Learned About Browsers And the Web

How Many Companies Google Has Bought?

companies google has bought

An infographic showing the companies Google has bought so far.

How Many Companies Google Has Bought? ( via SEO )

How a Browser Works


via Digital Inspiration

Is Google a monopoly?


via The Big Picture

Just How Massive is Google, anyway?

Google by the numbers.

Infographic by computer

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