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Take a spare 3D graphics card and hook it up to your laptop

This is one great tutorial for the hardware geeks reading us.

How to make an external laptop graphics adaptor

Explore Computer Setups of Different People

the setup

A nice blog which publishes interviews with all kinds of people on what software and hardware they use to get things done.

the setup

Will it Blend? Probably.


You know the company and have probably seen the commercials. This page has an archive with dozens of original blends. And yes, the iPhone does blend.

Will It Blend?

Windows 7’s Device Stage Feature Explained


Device Stage is a very idealistic concept which aims to simplify the way people interact with devices in Windows 7. Microsoft’s idea is to have one place for managing all your external devices and interacting with them. Unfortunaly hardware manufacturers need to develop drivers which actually take advantage of this feature. And so far, not many of them have done this.

This article explains what this feature is, how it works and how you can use it for the devices that actually work with it.

Device Stage – A Fun Way to Interact with Devices and Printers

Check Out All the New Gadgets at CES 2010

ces 2010

As a tech enthusiast, this time of year is the most exciting. Why? Because it’s the start of the Consumer Electronics Show. This is when you get to check out all the coolest tech gadgets and see what’s coming in the near future. You can get full CES 2010 coverage at PC Mag.

CES 2010

Get Detailed PC Hardware Information with HWiNFO32

hardware information

Are you someone who likes to dig really deep into the hardware configuration of your computer? If so, HWiNFO32 is probably the best program ever for getting detailed system hardware information on the processor, hard drives, video cards, network cards, OS, and more.

HWiNFO32 – System Hardware Information

How to Secure a USB Flash Drive


Even though USB flash drives are super convenient, they are also very prone to loss or theft. If you store sensitive information on a memory stick, it may be a good idea to encrypt it for security purposes.

Encrypt USB Flash Drive

Reliability Study: 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years


The Christmas shopping season is now starting and many of you will consider buying a new laptop or netbook. If this is the case for you, then do consider this very interesting study on laptop and netbook reliability. It covers the reliability of laptops up to 3 years since purchase for all the major vendors (including Apple) and the reliability of netbooks up to a year since purchase. The study has some very surprising conclusions and, most likely you will be suprised to learn that HP is the worst in terms of laptop reliability while ASUS & Toshiba are the first. One conclusion that did not surprise me was that, one year in, netbooks fail 20% more often than laptops.

Laptop & Netbook reliability – 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years


All You Wanted To Know About Your CPU….


But weren’t afraid to ask. This tiny app gives a great deal of information about your CPU, motherboard, graphics hardware and more. Downloadable as an .exe or .zip

CPU ID Homepage

The Magic Way to Stick Books to the Wall


That’s right. And it’s real, just a little metal bracket that holds the books on the wall, and fits into the bottom book so it gives the illusion of the books magically fitting there. Or it’s really magic, depending on how gullible you are.

Hidden Bookshelf

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