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Memorial Day (USA)


History of Memorial Day

Happy Mother’s Day !


via Daily Infographic

Merry Christmas, everyone <:)


Official NORAD Santa Tracker

Do you give Gift Cards as presents?

GiftCardMinefield2 via ZeroHedge

Christmas Icons (Icons we like)


Superb set of holiday icons by lgp85 at Deviant Art. Download the .zip and use as .png or convert to .ico at or with tiny app Imagicon.

lgp85’s Magic Christmas icon pack @ DeviantArt

Happy Thanksgiving !


To our friends and readers, Stateside and abroad, Happy Thanksgiving !

Halloween Icons


These are from Lazy Crazy. The second link has *all results from DA.

Halloween icons by LazyCrazy

All 2794 Deviant Art Halloween Icons

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day


If you can’t be present or send flowers, make sure you mail a nice card 🙂

somEEcards for Mother’s Day

Windows 7 Easter Theme


Easter is next weekend, get a jump on the bunny with this wonderful theme pack. Six wallpapers, desktop icons and even instructions on how to install an Easter egg start button.

Windows 7 Easter theme

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