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Windows Media Player Glass Icons (icons we like)


Zipped in .ico or .png

skater-andy’s Deviant Art gallery

21 Cursor Packs for XP, Vista & 7


We’ve covered out favorite xsx alpha blended cursors before but here is a collection of 21 diverse icon packs. Hope you find something you like.

instant fundas via Shell Extension City

Google Earth replacement Icon (Icons we like)



Cool one by iVicio @ DeviantArt.

Download @ DA

Find That Elusive Icon with FindIcons


Whether it’s an individual icon or icon pack, likely has what you’re looking for. The great thing about this site is they’ve already converted the file to .ico, .icns and .png

Heaven & Hell Finder Icon


In 128×128 and 512×512


via GuiStyles

Black Chrome App Icons


Neat collection of icons by Crufix @ DA. Check out the gallery for additional internet, Adobe, OS, MS Office icons of the same style. Perfect for a dock or quick launch and very slick indeed.

Icons by Crufix

Sweet Firefox Icon and Wallpaper


Firefox icon pack by shaeffer007

Firefox wallpaper by IQEye

Generate Icons using Iconizer

create icon

Looking for a quick way to generate some nice looking icons? Iconizer is a free service that lets you pick a category, pick a premade icon and then customize it if you like. They have a good collection of icons broken down into categories.


Superb Twitter Icons


We love a well made icon here and we will use one or more of these.

Twitter icons from LazyCrazy @ DA

Convert .icns (mac) to .ico, .png, or .jpg


Or visa versa, like this .icns Picasso finder icon.


HellKitchen Deviant Art Gallery

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