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Preview images In Google Search Results (Firefox)


And in Yahoo and Bing too ! Even a thumbnail can help you decide to click through. A great extension with a few options including the ability to show from 5-100 images and page rank.

Search Preview v4.0 from Firefox Extensions

Convert between image file formats using MooO ImageTypeConverter

convet image file formats

Looking for a quick way to convert between different image formats? JPG to PNG? GIF to ICO? BMP to JPG? MooO ImageTypeConvert is a free program that makes converting between image file formats almost fun! Just drag an image onto the interface and you can convert it to several formats at once.

MooO ImageTypeConverter

Will Austin & His Wallpapers from Windows 7


If you enjoy the wallpapers from Windows 7, then you should know that Will Austin is one of the photographers that made them. If you want to know more about his work with Microsoft on Windows 7 and download an exclusive high-resolution wallpaper made by him, check out this interview.

Will Austin About His Trip to the Desktop of Millions

Crazy Awesome, Giant Resolution Wallpaper Images


Want some unfreakingbelievable wallpaper images for your desktop? Head over to Desktopography and look through the amazing images, then download the version for your screen resolution. Awesome.


Find Awesome Icons that are Just the Right Size

image not only has a great collection of icons you can sort through, but it lets you drag the sliders to pick exactly the right size for the images you are looking for. You can download them in PNG and sometimes ICO format for use on your PC.


In Windows 7 Even Paint is Better than Before


One of the tools which has been unexpectedly upgraded in Windows 7 is the infamous Paint. It turns out that now it’s quite an interesting tool. It has a new interface based on the concept from Microsoft Office 2007, it supports “.png” and other formats, has brushes, shapes and other useful tools. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Windows 7 – How to Work with the New Paint

Convert PNG Files to Icons With a Simple Command Line App


Ever wanted to convert a PNG file into an icon so you can use it somewhere in Windows? There’s a tiny, simple command-line application (for Windows or Linux) that can be used to convert them easily. Easy, that is, if you don’t mind a little typing. But you’re a geek, right?

png2ico – PNG to icon converter (Linux, Unix, GNU, Windows)

Resize Images by Copying Them to a Folder


This tiny application watches for anything that you’ve copied to a folder, and automatically resizes it to the size that you’ve specified. It’s not as good as the Image Resizer Powertoy Clone, but it’s still pretty cool.

Dropresize [via freewaregenius]

Upload Files to Facebook, Flickr, and more Easily From the Context Menu


If you’ve ever wanted to just easily right-click a file and upload it straight to your Facebook, Flickr, Imageshack, or other accounts—you are in luck. Application Rightload can easily handle these tasks, or just upload straight to a plain old FTP server. Note: We’re using this application over at How-To Geek.


FastStone Capture v 5.3, last freeware version


FastStone Capture is easily in the top 5 of the all time great screen capture programs. The free version even offers text annotation, cropping and dozens of other features. The latest shareware version is 6.5 and costs $19.95 for a lifetime license.

FastStone Capture v5.3 freeware

FastStone Capture v6.5 shareware

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