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What’s Next for the Internet (Infographic)


Via Daily Infographic

The Web Goes on Strike!

Today we have the biggest online strike in the history of the Internet. Check out the unfiltered list of websites going on strike and how to join the protests.


Have You Considered Using Comodo Internet Security?

Comodo is famous for their free security products. If you considered using them, check out this review to learn more about their effectiveness.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012

Free Internet Speed Monitoring Tool for your Windows Taskbar

NetSpeedMonitor is a useful tool that helps you monitor the speed (up and downstream) of your Internet connection. It shares also quick traffic reports split by day or month.

NetSpeedMonitor (via Vikitech)

The Top Internet Security Suites of 2011-2012

Check this summary from 7 Tutorials: The Best Internet Security Suites of 2011-2012

The Net, Then and Now


via Daily Infographic

The 2011 Web Analytics Review

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The 2011 Web Analytics Review
Source: The 2011 Google Web Analytics Review Infographic

Pinning Websites with Internet Explorer

Believe it or not, some people do use Internet Explorer 9. Even some of our readers. 🙂 For them, we found the most complete guide to pinning websites to the taskbar. Check it out!

The Complete Guide to Pinning Websites with Internet Explorer

Interesting Infographic from Cisco, The Internet of Things


via GigaOm

Got any security questions you need help answering?

The team from 7 Tutorials is making a call for security-related questions you need help answering. They are going to take all the questions shared with them and try to come up with answers in the form of tutorials, reviews or in-depth research articles.

Ask the Readers: What Security Related Questions Do You Want Us to Answer?

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