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Tips to Transfer Videos to an iPad Real Quick

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Some of the quickest ways to transfer videos and movies to the iPad.

3 Fastest Ways To Add Movies and Videos To iPad

Adding Videos to Your iPad Easily and Quickly


Here are some ways to quickly add a video to your iPad.

3 Fastest Ways To Add Movies and Videos To iPad

The Technical Evolution of the iPad


Interesting to see the price unchanged after three years.

via iMore

7Notes is a Nice iPad Note App


A cool note app for iPad that’s packed with innovative features.


Between an iPad and a Hard Place


Viable iPad alternative or stocking stuffer?

M – F Failblog

Easy Video Watching On iPad With ShowYou


Centralized videos watching from all social sites on your iPad or iPhone.


Peel is a Great App to Search What’s on TV (Apple devices)


Free from the App Store or on iTunes, here. Just sort according to interest and Peel will list available shows with easy to read tiles.

Angry Birds Peace Treaty (NSFW language)

The mobile game comes to life in this Israeli parody.

New Angry Birds game to launch for Christmas 🙂

Books vs. E-Books, What’s Your Preference?


Both have their benefits. We’d like your opinions.

Knowbodies via Newsweek

Download Free iPad Wallpapers at iPad Decor


Get some nice wallpapers for your new iPad on this site.

iPad Decor

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