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Using Your iPhone as a Remote


Well, not for TV, but you can certainly use it as remote for your Mac or PC and control it right from the iOS interface using the instructions given in the following guide.

5 Best iOS Apps to Use iPhone as a PC or Mac Remote Control

iPhone/Android Upgradability History


The Understatement via TiPb

PhotoVine is an Interesting App For Sharing Photos


A neat app by Google to share themed photos.


AirMusic Streams Music from iOS to Various Devices


A neat iOS app to stream music wirelessly from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to devices like Xbox and PS3.


Yap Voicemail For iPhone Transcribes Voice Messages to Text

yap voicemail 1

A solid voicemail to text message converter for iPhone.

Yap Voicemail

Easy Video Watching On iPad With ShowYou


Centralized videos watching from all social sites on your iPad or iPhone.


Peel is a Great App to Search What’s on TV (Apple devices)


Free from the App Store or on iTunes, here. Just sort according to interest and Peel will list available shows with easy to read tiles.

Playing Flash Videos on iOS Devices

flash videos on iphone

Yes, you can play flash videos on jailbroken iPhones. Here’s a tutorial.

How To Play Flash Videos On Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

iPhone App to Report Bad Drivers


Report bad drivers with this app.


Clear Safari History and Cookies On iPhone

clear history safari iphone

A tutorial on clearing your browser history on iPhone and other iOS devices.

Manually Clear Cookies, Cache and History From Safari on iPhone and iPod touch

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