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Looking Back At 20 Years of Linux


Ars Technica looks back at Linux’s 20 glorious years.

March of the Penguin: Ars looks back at 20 years of Linux

The best indicator applets for Ubuntu

Searching for some good indicator applets for your Ubuntu? Check out this roundup.

The OMG! Ubuntu! Guide to the best indicator applets around

Run Windows Programs Inside Ubuntu

wine for linux

Want to run a few Windows programs on your Ubuntu install? You can use a program called Wine to install certain Windows applications on Ubuntu. Read this in-depth tutorial to learn how.

Run Windows Applications on Ubuntu

Share Files between Ubuntu & Windows 7 computers


If you’ve got a home network which has computers with both Ubuntu and Windows 7 installed, then you will be truly interested in these two guides. They show everything you need to configure in order to easily share files and folders between these two operating systems.

How to Access Windows 7 Shared Folders from Ubuntu

How to Access Ubuntu Shared Folders from Windows 7

Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 7

dual boot ubuntu window

For those of you who want to run Windows 7 and Ubuntu linux on one computer, check out this complete step by step guide on how to install Ubuntu on a Windows 7 computer. Note that this will not affect your Windows 7 installation.

Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 7

Home Networks – How do they look like & the problems they cause


A while ago, we published a link towards a survey for those which Needed Help with their Home Network.  After a few weeks of gathering answers, 7 Tutorials (the site which ran this survey) has published the results. If you want to know how a home network looks like and what kind of problems people generally have, then you should read the overview of results. Recommended to geeks with tech blogs which need inspiration on what to write next.

How Does a Home Network Look Like? & Common Problems for Home Networks (summary split in two articles)

Scan for Viruses in Ubuntu using ClamAV

ubuntu virus scanner

Looking for some virus protection for your Ubuntu install? Linux viruses are rare, but they do exist. If you want a really great virus scanner for Ubuntu, look no further than ClamAV. Read on to learn how to install and configure it.

ClamAV – Virus Protection for Ubuntu Linux

Create Advanced Mind Maps & Presentations with VUE


VUE – Visual Understanding Environment is an open source tool which mixes mind mapping with presentations. Therefore, you can make both a concept map and a presentation with one tool, without having to use Powerpoint. It reminds us of Prezi. The main difference is that this tool is free and can do more.

VUE – HomePage | Download Page (requires sign-up)

Replace Windows Task Scheduler with Python

python cron service

Windows Task Scheduler is good for newbies, but what about us hardcore IT people? If you’re in IT or just plain geeky, you might want to try out the Python Cron Service. It basically emulates the Cron utility in Linux. My kind of tool.

Replace Windows Task Scheduler

Resize Disk Partitions in Windows using GParted

resize disk partitions

Need to resize a disk partition on your Windows PC? Well, you can’t use Windows to do it! Instead you have to use third-party tools like Partition Manager. But why pay money? GParted is a Linux Live CD that lets you manage partitions easily and for free!

Resize Disk Partitions in Windows using GParted

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