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Happy Holidays from Tux


Make a New Year’s resolution to try Linux. Wallpaper at the link below…

Tux Wallpaper @ DeviantArt

Share One Mouse and Keyboard with Multiple PCs


Tired of switching back and forth between more than one set of keyboards and mice? Or maybe you want to use two PCs like they are one big one. If you are using Windows, your best bet is to install InputDirector on both of them. If one of your PCs is running Linux, you can use Synergy Plus instead (though it’s not as good as InputDirector)

Download InputDirector (Windows Systems)

Download Synergy Plus (for Mac/Linux/Windows)

The Geeky Command Prompt Calculator


Ever wish you could just do simple calculations from the terminal? All you need to do is add the following to your bashrc file (or run it from the terminal to test):

calc(){ awk "BEGIN{ print $* }" ;}

When you’re using it, just make sure to not add any spaces, or enclose the calculation parameters in quotes, like this:

calc "8 * 99 / 4"

command line calculator

Find Words That Start With a Set of Characters


Have you ever just wanted a list of words that start with a set of characters? If you’ve got a Linux box handy, you can use the "look" command to do just that. Simply type with the following syntax:

look <letters>

And it’ll show any words that start with those characters. Or you could just use Google.

Convert PNG Files to Icons With a Simple Command Line App


Ever wanted to convert a PNG file into an icon so you can use it somewhere in Windows? There’s a tiny, simple command-line application (for Windows or Linux) that can be used to convert them easily. Easy, that is, if you don’t mind a little typing. But you’re a geek, right?

png2ico – PNG to icon converter (Linux, Unix, GNU, Windows)

Portable Ubuntu Loads Linux Inside Your Windows PC


Sick and tired of dual-booting, virtual machines and all that jazz? Well, the Portable Ubuntu project runs Linux as a Windows app—natively integrated into the rest of the OS. Internally it’s still a virtual machine, but it’s still an interesting idea.

Portable Ubuntu

Run a Linux Live CD on Windows Easily

MobaLiveCD Screenshot

If you are doing a lot of testing of different versions of Linux you typically download the LiveCD images of each one so you can “try it before you buy it”, so to speak. The problem is that you have to either burn them to disc or use an emulation platform like VMWare or VirtualBox. If you don’t want to bother setting all that up, you can use the simple MobaLiveCD application to run the LiveCD in a window, powered by the Qemu layer.

MobaLiveCD – Run your LiveCD on Windows

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