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Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse – Is it usable?


This mouse is so tiny, I could not believe it was actually usable. Find out if it works well, its strengths and shortcomings from this thorough review.

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Interview with Steve Balmmer



A good read. Not very long though. :) He talks Surface, Windows 8 and Microsoft’s vision for the future.

Q+A  Steve  Ballmer


How good is the Surface Pro?

Learn all about it from this review: Surface Pro: an in-depth look at Microsoft’s super tablet


Should Microsoft Develope Even More Surface Branded Devices?

An interesting perspective from Paul Thurrott. Definitely worth reading: Five Surface Devices Microsoft Should Make in 2013


Looking for a good HD webcam?

It turns out Microsoft LifeCam Studio is webcam worth considering. Or at least this review says so. :)

Reviewing the LifeCam Studio – Microsoft’s Top HD Webcam



Via xkcd

Awesome: SkyDrive gets a Recycle Bin!

The SkyDrive service from Microsoft keeps getting better.

Details here: New SkyDrive recycle bin available today and Excel surveys coming soon

Can’t Open RAW Photos in Windows & Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Solve your problems with the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack. Complete instructions on how it works can be found here: How to View RAW Pictures In Windows Live Photo Gallery and Fix Weird Errors

Make a Microsoft Signature PC by Yourself

Complete step by step instructions can be found here: How to Transform a Windows PC Into a Microsoft Signature PC

Should Microsoft retire its tarnished brands?

A well written piece from Ed Bott:

Is it time for Microsoft to ‘retire’ its tarnished brands?

From the article: “…having as part of your primary email address suggests to the world—at least that part of the world that is bordered by San Francisco on the north and San Jose on the south—that you spend your days feeding pigeons in the park and screaming at little kids to get off your lawn.”

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