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The Oscars® (iOS)


The Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, February 27th. Make your predictions, share with friends and even scan the entire database of past Oscar winners. A truly handy app, free for iPods, iPads and iPhones.

The Oscars® @ iTunes App Store

Download Videos from Hulu


We know some of our US readers are big fans of Hulu. If you are interested not only in streaming their movies but also in downloading them to your PC, then you should try StreamTransport – a free tool which helps you do this – and read this very useful tutorial.

StreamTransport (download page) | How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (tutorial by freeware genius)

Classic Cinema Online offers 100’s of OnDemand Movies


Many offering are from the 1920’s and 30’s. There is an entire Silent movie sub-section. Not for everyone but if you appreciate movies before technology enhanced everything, including the acting, you may like some of the selections. 

Classic Cinema Online

See Rotten Tomatoes user ratings in IMBD


If you use Greasemonkey, you can install a script that will show Rotten Tomatoes user ratings within IMDB results.

Add script to IMDB

$300 YouTube Video Starts Hollywood Bidding War

Producer offered $30,000,000  to make feature length film. <duck>

Set Your Phaser to Stun(ning)


Comcast has all 11 Star Trek movies plus all the original TV episodes on it’s Fancast subscription service, now through January 13th.

Star Trek full episodes

Star Trek movies

The New Lists Movies Available Online


MovieMonitor tracks free, rentable and for purchase movies from 9 different sites. Sign up and pick a movie you’d like to watch and MovieMonitor will scan Amazon, Blockbuster, Comcast’s Fancast, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix and more for availability and price. While many selections are free, all movies will link to the above sites to make for a very streamlined experience. Sort by film, actor or director.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (or anyone else)


Connect Kevin Bacon with any other actor. Try Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart or Leelee Sobieski. Or try two unknowns and see if they can connect in less then six steps.

The Oracle of Bacon

Best Movies Of All Time Map


An amazing map of related movies. click on map to enlarge

via Barry Ritholtz

Watch Movies On Demand With SpeedCine


SpeedCine has over 16,000 movies in their database you can watch immediately, some free, others for a small fee.


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