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Remote Desktop Connections from OS X Mountain Lion to Windows PCs


Earlier versions of Mac OS X were able to establish remote desktop connections to Windows PC’s using the free Remote Desktop Connection tool from Microsoft but this tool does not work on OS X Mountain Lion. Here are a few free alternatives you can use instead; they work also with Windows 8 devices.

4+ Free Tools for Making Remote Connections from Macs to Windows PCs


Ways to View a List with All Your Shared Network Folders

It’s a pretty cool & useful tutorial for Windows 7 and Windows Vista: How to View a List with All Shared Network Folders

Free Webcast on the Complexity of the Home Network

Digital Photo Lab (#46099)

Want to find out just how complex home networks are? How many computers per network, how they are secured, what other devices are connected to it, most common problems? Then register for this free webcast and find out on August 23rd.

Webcast: The Complex Anatomy of the Home Network

Got any security questions you need help answering?

The team from 7 Tutorials is making a call for security-related questions you need help answering. They are going to take all the questions shared with them and try to come up with answers in the form of tutorials, reviews or in-depth research articles.

Ask the Readers: What Security Related Questions Do You Want Us to Answer?

Study on the The Anatomy of a Home Network – With Prizes

The people who help out with this study are eligible for receiving some prizes. Check out this page for more details:

Study on the The Anatomy of a Home Network

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 – Great progress vs. the 2010 version

Some security vendors, such as McAfee, did not make any serious upgrades to their 2011 version of security solutions. Unlike them, Trend Micro managed to greatly improve their 2011 security suites vs. 2010. To learn more and the improvements they brought, check out this comprehensive review.

Security for Everyone – Reviewing Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011

Share Files between Mac OS X & Windows 7 computers


For those of you having a home network with both Mac OS X and Windows 7 computers, these guides will be truly useful.

Access Windows 7 Shared Folders from OS X via a Home Network

How to Share OS X Folders with Windows 7

Home Networks – How do they look like & the problems they cause


A while ago, we published a link towards a survey for those which Needed Help with their Home Network.  After a few weeks of gathering answers, 7 Tutorials (the site which ran this survey) has published the results. If you want to know how a home network looks like and what kind of problems people generally have, then you should read the overview of results. Recommended to geeks with tech blogs which need inspiration on what to write next.

How Does a Home Network Look Like? & Common Problems for Home Networks (summary split in two articles)

Make Windows Vista & Windows 7 Work in the same Network


If you’ve got a home network which has computers with both Windows Vista and Windows 7, then this guide will be of interest. It shows how to configure the network and sharing settings on both operating systems so that you can easily share and access files across your network.

Sharing Between Windows Vista and Windows 7 Computers

Windows 7: How to Share a Printer with Your Network


This guide tells you how to share a printer with your network from Windows 7. It also gives some guidance on how computers with older versions of  Windows can install the printer and use it.

How to Share a Printer with Your Network

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