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Can Fake News Be Prevented?

fake news

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith has an op-ed on how tech and media should work to curb the fake news menace.

How tech and media can fight fake news

Read In-depth Stories on Narratively


An interesting site that publishes in-depth, theme based, news stories.


Quartz: Great Stories and Journalism Sans the Clutter


Quartz by Atlantic Media is a site that produces impressive longform content in a clutter-free, nicely-designed interface.


Become a Citizen Journalist Through Guardian Witness


Share your stories, photos and videos on Guardian.

Guardian Witness

Know When Your Friends Make the News


An interesting news monitoring service that keeps a tab on news about your friends or anyone who matters to you.


Pulse is a Cool Way to Read News on Your Mobile Devices


A pretty cool news reading app for iOS and Android devices.


Live News Feed from Japan via NHK and Livestation


via ZeroHedge

Scan News With NY Times Article Skimmer


If you are a frequent visitor of The New York Times website then you would find their article skimmer very useful. It lets you quickly go through news in different sections. It has some nice options too. Try it out.

NY Times Article Skimmer

Google Fast Flip Allows Speed Dial For News Topics


Easily view 18 stories on one page and change with one click. Sort by Recent, Popular, Most Viewed, Headlines, Topics and Sources. Share with friends and view via your mobile too.

Fast Flip

Great List Of Worldwide Newspapers

International Newspapers

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