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Nokia Previews Z Launcher


Nokia will soon launch a new gesture-based launcher for “a more personalized and contextual mobile experience.”

Z launcher

A Real Life Review of the Nokia Lumia 720


If you want to learn more about this unusual mid-range smartphone from Nokia, read this review:

The Nokia Lumia 720 Review – Low-end Hardware & Premium Build Quality

The Nokia Lumia 620 review


A detalied review of the Nokia Lumia 620:

The Nokia Lumia 620 Review – Cute, Affordable & Surprisingly Good


A review of the Nokia Lumia 920 by a Windows Phone fan


Check out what he had to say about this phone. Is it really as good as several publications have said? Is it worth buying?

A Windows Phone Fan Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 920



Nokia Have Had their First Great Quarter in Years


Nokia has shared their first good news in years. Learn more about the success of the new Lumia line-up with Windows Phone 8, from this news article:

Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia smartphones in ‘solid’ Q4 2012; results ‘exceeded expectations’


Nokia Lumia 800 – Is it Worth Buying?

A review based on two months of using this phone on a daily basis:

A Real Life Review of Nokia Lumia 800

An 8 Day Test & Review of Nokia Lumia 900

Paul Thurrott has bought a Nokia Lumia 900 and posted an 8-Days journal of his experience. The wrap-up can be found here: Day 8: Wrapping Up.

Some of the most interesting episodes are:

Day 1: The Buying Experience

Day 3: Build Quality

Day 6: Nokia Apps and Services


Nokia Makes Fun of the iPhone & Most SmartPhones


Funny videos here: The SmartPhone Beta Test

Better Browsing with Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Symbian

Opera 10 beta for Symbian

Opera 10 beta is now available for Nokia and other Symbian/S60 handsets. New features include Speed Dial, tabbed browsing and a password manager for Opera Mobile. Opera also claims that this release is twice as fast as the previous version, making for even faster page downloads, zooming and panning.

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