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Everything You Wanted to Know About Password Security

Ultimate Guide to Passwords

How to create strong passwords that don’t (or are less likely) to get hacked? Which is the best way to manage and secure them? Is 2-factor authentication worth it? This ultimate guide on passwords answers all these questions, and then some.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Managing and Securing Your Passwords

Where Should You Enable 2-factor Authentication?


Lifehacker has a useful post on the top services you should enable 2-factor authentication at.

Here’s Everywhere You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication Right Now

The Complete Series about Usernames and Passwords Stored by Windows

Do you want to know where Windows stores all the user names and passwords you enter while using it? Are you interested about how secure they are, how to backup this data and then export it to another Windows computer?

This series of articles will help you clarify all these things and more.

Credential Manager – Where Windows Stores Passwords & Other Login Details

Which Windows Passwords & Credentials Can Be Easily Cracked?

How to Backup and Restore Windows Vault Passwords

Which Windows Passwords are the Easiest to Crack?

Find out from this article: Which Windows Passwords & Credentials Can Be Easily Cracked?



How to improve your password security

Even though many websites talk about LastPass and its usefulness in improving password security, not too many show how to actually use it. This article does that and shares important watchouts and principles to keep in mind when working to improve your password security. Definitely worth reading.

Password Security – Turn Your Dumb Habits Into Geek Habits

Unique Password Generator

password generator

This unique password generator asks you to put one master password and uses that to quickly generate passwords that you could use on a number of popular sites.

Password Generator

Create a Password Reset Disk in Windows 7

password reset disk

If you’re prone to coming up with crazy passwords and then absolutely forgetting them days later, the first thing you should do with a new Windows 7 computer is create a password reset disk. That way, you don’t have to format your entire computer if you can’t log in!

Create Password Reset Disk in Windows 7

Creating a Password Reset Disk in Windows

password reset

Imagine if you forget your Windows admin password. Not even the password hint helps you remember it. Then what? A password reset disk could be a life saver in such situations.

How To Create Windows Password Reset Disk

Safely Store Passwords using bcrypt

securely store passwords

Want to store your passwords in the most secure manner possible? Want to make your encrypted password immune to a dictionary or brute-force attack by even a supercomputer? Then you should read about bcrypt.

Safely Store a Password

Reveal Passwords Hidden by Asterisks

reveal hidden passwords

You may have noticed that some programs will hide a saved password with asterisks. This is great unless you forget your password! Luckily, if it’s saved, you can still login, but instead of resetting your password, you can unhide it using Asterisk Logger. Awesome!

Reveal Hidden Passwords using Asterisk Logger

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