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Add 50 Pidgin Plugins With One Download


The Plugin Pack for Pidgin, available in .zip or .exe, adds 50 configurable additions to Pidgin. Magic 8 Ball, Last Seen, Buddy Icon Tools and Auto reply are just some of the plugins you can use to make Pidgin more fun. Add to your ‘Purple’ directory and enjoy !

Plugin Pack homepage

Download Plugin Pack v2.6 .zip

BotSentry Stops Pidgin IM Spam In Its Tracks


New, unknown ‘friends’ with chat requests must now answer a challenge question in order to reach you. No more insidious IM invitations to become texxxxy1212’s buddy. From the friendly OSS folks at SourceForge. It does in fact work with Vista and 7.

BotSentry for Pidgin

Pidgin Skin for Winamp


If you are Pidgin and Winamp enthusiasts like we are, here’s a sweet purple skin for Winamp.

Download From aXidente’s DeviantArt Page

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